Tuesday, February 25, 2020

International Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International Human Resource Management - Essay Example Due to this constant change, many trends take place in the organization such as complexity of employment and hierarchy of managers and employees. There is an increase in the number of employees and size of workforce. Increment in size of workforce requires training to inculcate specialized skills in the employees. Moreover, management also needs a special kind of training that helps them make better managers so that they run the organization in a better way. One of its responsibilities is identifying the competitive employees and non-competitive employees of organization. All these trends possess great importance and every organization requires some individuals who manage the problems pertinent to human resource to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization (Boxall & Purcell, 2003), the process of managing the human resource in known as Human Resource Management. If this management is taking place internationally to run an international business then it comes under the heading of International Human Resource Management. Currently, there is great need of effective IHRM because many organizations are working globally with branches and offices in many parts of the world. Effective IHRM decides the failure or success of any organization globally. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ISSUES THAT ARISE IN IHRM PRACTICES Social responsibility issues that arise in IHRM practices are exploitation of employees, assigning the employees work, which they consider torture for themselves, firing employees for no reasons, giving priority to employees because of any personal relationship (Wood, 1999). Not listening to employees’ complaints and not giving... From the research it can be comprehended that the conventional functions of Human Resource Management now need strategic directions towards increasing and supporting organizational potentials, through actions that go beyond the customary business activities such as economics, marketing, and non-customary activities, such as knowledge management. Human Resource Information System has great implication in every sector. It can play a fundamental role and help the communications process in the organization. Most prominently, organizations can employ and hold the top performers, improve efficiency and enhance job satisfaction of the employees. Human Resource Management has the responsibility to capitalize on efficiency and revenue, but in the rising scenario, the role of Human Resource manager is changing swiftly due to variations in government guidelines, labor legislations, and machinery. The trends have taken place in the organization, human resource planning, job design, motivation, a nd recruitment and skill development and employee relations. Human Resource Management can face the challenges effectively if organizations implement proper strategies. Therefore, the role of Human Resource Management will be more momentous in future due to the rising scenario. To resolve the ethical issues enterprises should make each member of the enterprise aware of the importance of ethics on their lives. If they always respect ethics and consider them as basic for living a peaceful life they will never face any disastrous situation.

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