Sunday, February 9, 2020

1932, A true history of the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

1932, A true history of the United States - Essay Example Lincoln had envisioned a society where slavery would not be there. During Lincoln rule, his visionary of seeing many states free of British rule was seen to pass (Aljosa). The British did not like the idea of American Independence as it caused a number of uprisings against them, and so waged a personal war on the countries which had adopted the United States doctrine. The British also plotted for Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in an attempt to stop his rule and some of his principles that were corrupting countries to rebel against the British. In the coming of President William McKinley, a key individual who continued some of the philosophies of Lincoln was also another target for the British. President William McKinley was in fact assassinated by the British, and President Teddy Roosevelt took over (Aljosa). Teddy Roosevelt was a pro-British person due to his links with some of British Key allies. Many wars were fought so as to reclaim to reclaim the British Empire to its states that is the World War 1. British wanted to show that it is still superior to the United States. In conclusion, the given documentary provides a good account about the American history

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