Sunday, January 5, 2020

Transportation Globalization and International Trade Free Essay Example, 3500 words

The country China is pointed out especially for the reason that with the growth of the industrial sector of this country, the export and import activities of China has excessively increased. Like in the above-mentioned case most of the trade takes place between geographical locations which are about three thousand kilometers apart. There are several modes through which the strategic business locations are connected throughout the world. Strong transport chains should be implemented so that the flow of information and resources remain undisturbed. There are basically two main modes with the help of which most of the international trades are being conducted. Maritime shipping is definitely one of those modes, along with air transport. Among these two modes, maritime shipping is considered more important due to the fact that it handles about ninety percent of the total tonnage that is being transported throughout the globe. Cargo transmission by containerized shipping is the most advan ced forms of tonnage transmission. The transportation system of the maritime consists of a series of major gateways which grants access to the industrial regions and also the consumption belts. We will write a custom essay sample on Transportation Globalization and International Trade or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now To make the flow of transportation smooth there are some major hubs located at different points in the system. (Rodriguez, 1). These hubs act as points of interconnection. The other important and advanced mode of transport which caters to international locations is the airlines. Though when compared to the tonnage handling capacity this mode is much lower than the maritime shipping, but with advanced technological developments and sophisticated network management system, the value created by the airlines is much more than shipping. (Transportation, Globalization and International Trade, 2009). The other modes such as roads and railways control very minute portion of the international trade affairs, these transport mainly caters to most national and regional transport activities.

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